Rudy Falcon's Useless Question:

What type of Women do Men

"Hunt to Gather?"

(Loteria Edition)

A Lady in the Streets
(Pictured above)Is La Dama (the Lady) and is Card #3 in Loteria*. *Loteria is Mexican's version of Bingo.

So, what type of woman do guys hunt for?

Do we hunt for a lady in the streets or a "Chi-Chona"

Who's a Freak between the Sheets?

Or maybe....

Should guys stick with "El Mano"


"The Hand".....(need I say more?)


if more needs to be said:

Then this YouTube Video below will also be no help at all ;)

-Rudy Falcon

A "Freak" between the Streets (Pictured above): Is called La Sirena (the Mermaid); this "Chi-Chona" is Card #6 in Loteria.