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Protecting your "Baseballs"

Why Jocks Should Always Strap-on their Jockstrap?

Bostonian Tea-Bag Party: Protecting their "cobblestones"

In 1774, as a direct response to the Boston Tea Party; the Boston Port Act was enacted by

British Parliament*....

(Pictured above)

100-Years Later:

In 1874, as a direct response to protect Bostonian's "tea-bags" while riding on Boston's cobblestone streets; the first Jockey Straps were manufactured by the Bike Company**.

Source references:

*Boston Port Act on

**Bike Company's Official Website

In remembrance to Stephen King's Movie:

Maximum Overdrive


it's loose allusion

why jocks should wear their jockstrap.

Useless YouTube Video Clip:

So the Moral of the Story is....

Never Rage Against A Coke Machine.

Picture (above):

Shows a modern Jockstrap***

***Photo referenced from:

WikiPedia Article on JockStraps


The Youtube Clip is a Tribute to the 1986 Movie named

"Maximum Overdrive."

(Maximum Overdrive has been referred as one of the worse Stephen King movies ever.)


Maximum Overdrive Video Clip is:

Copyright © 1986 DEG

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