The Science & Engineering Highlands

Owl High Club:

Breasting together One Last Time

(Pictured above) At the mountain’s summit, are a few members of the Highlands "Owl high club:" Back Row from right to left (Going Counterclockwise) are Mr. Velasquez, Ben Otero, Angie Monreal, Gary Blumberg, Michael Cain, Fernando Cano, Jeffery Jaeckle, Rudy Falcon, Richard McFarland. Front Row from left to right (Continuing counterclockwise) are Kenneth Spears, Stephanie Escobar, Juan Cano, Heather Burris, and Arnold Rodriguez.

In the Spring of ’95,

As we neared our adolescent twilight;

We highlighted to breast Texas' apex


The Guadalupe Mountain Crest

As the song goes:

"Ain't No Mountain High Enough" for the

Highlands "Owl High Club."

- Rudy Falcon

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