Rudy's Useless Trivia Question #17:

How many Furlongs

Are in a Half-Marathon?

Pictured (above):

Is Albert Einstein Cycling“104-Furlongs” to his “E=MC2“ Destination.

So why ask this question where Alex Trebek would consider "Useless" to ask?

Well, two weeks ago I was a 'Groupie' for a couple of L/T Friends who ran the Dallas Half-Marathon and wondered about the Furlongs-to-Miles conversion.

But the Burning question is:

Should we "never commit to memory what you can find in a book"?

I guess the answer all depends if 104 Furlongs is any value to you besides spectating a horse-race or being an “Einstein” as a Jeopardy contestant.

Even though Albert Einstein himself quoted that:

“We should never commit to memory what (we) can find in a book” ;)

- Rudy Falcon

Pictured (above)

Jeopardy host Alex Trebek: He may think asking a “Furlong” question, might be going “Over-Board” and rather pose nude to prove it.